This is a list of items in Cars:IGNITE which was made by Superbaddy4, and currently has a total of 31 items. Keep in mind that these are not confirmed. It's effect and rarity are also shown. in Team Races, attacks can never harm teammates, and items that hit every racer will only hit the enemy team.

Criteria Edit

***** Common, **** Neutral, *** Uncommon, ** Rare, * Very Rare


Items from Cars 2: The Video Game Edit

  • Oil Slick: A simple weapon that slips an opponent out if ran into. *****
  • Energy Leech: An electric charge that bounces around and wipes out the first car it hits, or it will just wear off after 15 seconds. *****
  • Machine Gun: A short ranged laser of bullets that spin out whoever is hit. ****
  • Skate Jack: Seeks the car ahead of you (behind you if shot backwards) and blows it up. ****
  • Missile Launcher: Shoots Missiles that blow up opposing cars If hit. ***
  • Impact Mine: A mine that you can drop to blow an opponent up, explodes instantly if tossed forwards. ***

Items from Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit Edit

  • ElectroMagneticPulse: Locks onto an opponent and obliterates them after 10 seconds, fails if they fall out of range. **
  • Jammer: Makes all other players unable to use items or see their Mini-Map and Position Tracker, lasts 15 seconds. *
  • Road Block: Calls in an array of NPC Security Sedans that spawn a bit ahead of the leader, and force down any opponents that run into the NPCs. They appear as pass-through holograms to the player (and their teammates if in a team race). The NPCs are painted differently depending on the car that the caller was using. *

Items from My Sims Racing Edit

  • Seed: Plants a tree that poses an obstacle that lasts 30 seconds, or is destroyed by being bashed into too much. ***
  • Tornado: Flips all other player's screens upside down, can be dodged with a perfectly timed backwards flip. *
  • Cupid Car: A cute winged car that flies up and covers every other car in a magic pink cloud that makes them unable to see anything for about 15 seconds and cut their Stability stat, though jumping will make it go away faster. The flying car will look different depending on which playable character uses it. **

Items from Mario Kart Edit

(Note: Their names and appearances have been changed)

  • Fake weapon icon: A foul weapon that spins out a car on contact, it is red instead of green. ****
  • Boost Canister: Gives a Speed Boost, can steal someone's item if you hit them with it. *****
  • Triple Oil Slick ****, Triple Energy Leech ***, Triple Boost Canister ****, Troika Missiles **, Triple Skate Jack **: gives 3 of the said item.
  • Time Bomb: BAD ITEM: Gets used automatically, unless you bump someone to pass it to them in 10 seconds, you are blown up! Every pass adds a second to it's time. **
  • Quake Laser: Sets off fierce shock waves that make opponents lose their items, can be easily dodged with a jump. **
  • Rainbow Gas: A magic gas that makes you immune to weapons and off-road, makes you faster and lets you knock out anyone you touch, lasts 10 seconds. ****
  • Golden Boost Canister: Provides infinite boosts until breaking after 10 seconds, timer starts on first use. ****
  • Jet Thrusters: Sends you FLYING for about 10 seconds right over the track! Not found in The Proposed Battle Mode. ***
  • Seeking Air Mine: Flies over the track and ahnialates the player in 1st place, can't be dodged. * (WARNING: Do not use this item in 1st place!)
  • Satellite Shock: A satellite up in the Exosphere shoots a laser down that wipes out all other drivers along with their items, can hit players under the effects of Rainbow Gas. *
  • Ghostlight: Makes you invisible for about 15 seconds and makes you immune to off-road and weapons, and makes an item disappear from an opponent and reappear in the player's hands. Can even protect you from a satellite shock. **

New Item Ideas Edit

  • Artillery Shell: Seeks and hits the closest player (ahead or behind), more powerful than a skate jack but can be dodged with a well-timed drift. ***
  • Golden Machine Gun: A much more ranged and longer lasting machine gun. **
  • Ray Gun: Shoots long-ranged lasers around the car that wipe out whoever is it, they keep shooting for 5 seconds until the guns break. **
  • Mega Item: Gives you a Satellite Shock, Seeking Air Mine, Jet Thrusters, Rainbow Gas, Ray Gun, Golden Machine Gun, Skate Jack, Seed, Missile Launcher, and EMP all for use. There is a cheat code that lets you start any offline event with this item. *


CarsIGNITE Items

A drawing of all items (except for the Triple Items)

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